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Customer Appreciation Event, Thank you OVATION Residents

*Please let us know if you would like to have any picture taken down from the blog.

Construction & Market Updates

We have announced great news and market updates to all of our existing customers.

Our Chief Operating Officer shared his experience living in an high-rise building and being neighbors with everyone else. "technology enables us to connect with family through FaceTime, Wechat, and many softwares, but we can only see our family in person a few times a year sometimes. However, we share the same address, the same elevator, and the security living in the same building as neighbors. We go downstairs together in our pajama when the fire alarm rings in the middle of the night, and we go on play dates with the neighbors in the amenity common areas..."

At Vintop, our goal is to build a place you can call home.

The Grand Prices!

We have gave out $2000 BestBuy gift card, an iPad, an iPhone, 5 x $100 Safeway Shopping cards & 5 x $100 Compass Card with Transit.

At Vintop, we will continuously create new events and opportunities for everyone enjoys the food, drink, and mingle with the people that are the closest to you!

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